The International Joint Conference RADIO 2017 will take place from September 25 to 29, 2017 in the city of Goiânia. The event is organized in cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency by the Brazilian Radiological Protection Society, Portuguese Society for Radiation Protection and ABENDI.

RADIO 2017 brings together three important congresses: the Fifth Brazilian Congress of Radiological Protection, the Sixth Congress of Radiation Protection of Portuguese Speaking Countries and the VII International Congress of Industrial Radioprotection.

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IAEA Information

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will provide a limited number of financial support for the participation of professionals from its Member States in Latin America and the Caribbean at the Joint International Conference RADIO 2017 “Goiania 30 years later – Sharing Experiences”, which will be held in Goiania, Brazil from September 25 to 29, 2017.

As part of the Conference, the following events will take place:
1. V Brazilian Congress of Radiological Protection.
2. VI Congress of radiological protection of Portuguese-speaking countries.
3. VII International Congress of Industrial Radiation Protection.

The criteria for granting financial assistance by the IAEA are as follows:

1. To have a paper accepted by the Scientific Committee, to be presented orally at sessions of the Conference. Papers should be directly related to the thematic areas of the Conference and objectives of project RLA9075 (Reinforcement of End-User Capabilities in Radiological Protection).

2. Work in a national governmental or non-profit institution.

The corresponding application must be made using the INTOUCH system (http://intouch.iaea.org), through the Project Counterpart RLA9075 and the NLO of each country, before June 30, 2017.

Refer the nomination to the Event: “Joint International Conference RADIO 2017” RLA9075.

The candidate must attach, in the same INTOUCH system, a summary of the scientific work to be presented, and later the complete work. Also, must attach the acceptance confirmation to the Symposium.

The granting of financial assistance will be subject to the approval of the work to be presented and the availability of funds.

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President of the Conference Honor: Rex Nazaré Alves – IME
President of SBPR: Marcos Antonio Do Amaral
President of FRALC: Walter Trupa
Honorary Member of the Committee: Bernard Le Guen – IRPA, Iris Rezende (Prefeito de Goiânia-GO) and Leonam dos Santos Guimaraes (Eletronuclear)
Member of the IAEA: Rodolfo Cruz Soares
Member of the CNEN: Cassia Helena Pereira Lima
Member of the CORSEG / ABENDI: Camila Moreira Araújo de Lima
Member of the the City Hall of Goiânia: Gilberto Martins Marques Neto (AMMA – Municipal Environment Agency)
Member of the Health Department of the State of Goiás: Irani Ribeiro de Moura and André Luiz de Souza
President of Radio 2014: Alexandre Bacelar – HCPA – consultative / mentoring support
Institutional Coordination of the Conference: Leonardo Lage and Rosângela da Silveira Correa CNEN / CRCN-CO
Secretary:  Demerval Leonidas Rodrigues (CNEN / IPEN)
Treasurers: Lucas Gomes Padilha Filho (UFRJ) and Rochelle Lykawka (UFRGS / HCPA)
Coordination of the scientific committee: Fernando Roberto Andrade Lima (CNEN / CRCN-NE) and Bernardo Maranhão Dantas (CNEN / IRD).

V Brazilian Congress of Radiological Protection
President: Nivaldo Carlos da Silva – CNEN / LAPOC
Vice: Josilto de Aquino – CNEN / CGMI
Secretaries: Denise Levy and Aparecido Divino da Cruz (Peixoto) – PUC-GO

VI Congress of radiation protection of Portuguese-speaking countries
President: Luis Neves (Portugal) – University of Coimbra
Vice: Bruno Estanqueira Pinho (Eletronuclear / Brazil)
Secretaries: Angola representative and Representative of Mozambique

VII International Congress of industrial radioprotection
President: Walter Truppa (Argentina)
Vice: João Conte (ABENDI)
Secretary: Eduardo Medina (Peru) and Adriano Oliveira Goulart.

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Organizational Support


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